Ultrafiltration System in Bushehr Industrial Town

Design and construction of ultrafiltration system related to Bushehr industrial town treatment plant
Design index features:
• Removal of microbial contamination
• 99% reduction in turbidity and TSS
• Decrease SDI index below 3
• Capacity: 500 cubic meters per day
Year of implementation: 2018
Processes: Ultrafiltration system
Supplementary ultrafiltration treatment system
Location: Bushehr Industrial Town
Running time: 2 months
In this unit, ultrafiltration system was designed and built for pre-treatment of reverse osmosis unit. The capacity of this unit is 20 cubic meters per hour and it has been operating for more than 5 years without the need to replace the UF module.

Ultrafiltration system for Bushehr industrial townUltrafiltration system for Bushehr industrial town