Receive performance approval certificate from Esfahan Oil Refining Company


Abtin Parsian Pishro Apadana Company, as the first and only manufacturer of polymer ultrafiltration (UF) modules in Iran under the brand name AquArya, under a contract, installed a pilot of two ultrafiltration modules for 4 months parallel to the ultrafiltration system of Esfahan Oil Refining Company. This pilot was monitored all this time. After this time, it was found that AquArya product in terms of quality and performance is completely equal to the same foreign model and can be replaced in similar cases.

Isfahan Oil Refining Company today, 12-04-2022, by issuing a performance approval certificate; Evaluated the results of using the ultrafiltration membrane module.

In the face of sanctions and the country’s economic problems, the provision, maintenance and receipt of single-product support services for domestic refineries is fraught with difficulties; Production of such products in the country is of special importance. Especially that these products are equal to similar foreign products in terms of quality and performance and are much more economical in terms of supply, installation and maintenance costs.

Abtin Parsian Pishro Apadana Company as a knowledge-based company, using specialized technical staff, knowledge-based technology and annual production capacity of at least one hundred thousand UF modules in various dimensions, having a continuous relationship with international companies, always on the way Growth and effort to expand capabilities and provide world-class services. The company’s products can be a very good alternative to similar foreign products.

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