Attending 3rd Exhibition of Supporting Domestic Manufacturing in The Petrochemical Industry

PGPIC Forum 2022

The third exhibition to support domestic manufacturing in the petrochemical industry with a special focus on the refining and petroleum industry, was held from March 2 to 4, 1400, hosted by the Kish Free Zone for three days.

320 knowledge-based companies, oil industry equipment manufacturers, banks and financial and credit institutions, petrochemical companies, oil refineries and petro-refineries participated in the event. This amount of participation is a new record in the history of specialized exhibitions in the field of domestic manufacturing and Iranianization of goods, equipment, spare parts, catalysts and chemicals used in the oil industry.

Also, more than 24 specialized meetings with the focus on financing and new capital instruments in the petrochemical, petrochemical and refining industries with the participation of banks, financial and credit institutions and reputable capital market companies, the approach to manufacturing fixed, rotating, catalytic and chemical equipment, instruments and Control systems were held on the sidelines of this event.

Abtin Parsian Pishro Apadana Company participated in this exhibition by introducing strategic localized products of ultrafiltration (UF) modules under the brand name AquArya, as the first and only manufacturer of polymer ultrafiltration (UF) modules in Iran.
Also, on the sidelines of this exhibition, after 28 conferences and about 700 bilateral meetings, 200 memoranda of understanding were concluded with knowledge-based companies active in the petrochemical industry and related industries. Abtin Parsian Pishro Apadana Company, in order to cooperate and synergy for implementation and development based on knowledge-based economy; Has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Petrochemical Industries Development Management Company. Read more about this memorandum here.

PGPIC Forum 2022PGPIC Forum 2022PGPIC Forum 2022PGPIC Forum 2022PGPIC Forum 2022PGPIC Forum 2022

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