Food / Beverage industry

Ultrafiltration technology provides a wide range of possibilities for food and beverage manufacturers. Ultrafiltration membranes provide optimal flux and retention rates for gelatin concentrations and the removal of microorganisms and bacteria. Plant extracts can be concentrated and purified using ultrafiltration technology, resulting in higher yields than conventional processing methods. Membrane technology is used throughout the wet corn milling process, and in particular ultrafiltration can be used to separate nutrients and starches, creating added value in the process. Ultrafiltration membranes are able to remove large amounts of starch, pectin, microbes and proteins from fruit juices to produce high quality juices. In addition to optimizing food and beverage production processes, these facilities also focus on health, safety, quality and variety of products.

Applications of filtration technologies in the food and beverage industries
Applications of filtration technologies in the food and beverage industries
Milk is one of the most important forms of human nutrition on a global scale. Milk is a complex compound of fats, proteins or caseins, minerals, enzymes and carbohydrates in the form of lactose. By using membrane technologies and ion exchange, milk components can be separated into by-products such as cheese, evaporated milk and its proteins (Whey).
In a large and diverse global beverage market, a successful product must have both good quality and consistency, as well as high taste, transparency and nutritional value. Filtration technologies come to the aid of beverage manufacturers in the following cases:
  • Bitter
  • Juice deacidification
  • Juice clarifying
  • Enzyme separating
  • Decolorization and stabilization of protein haze
Sweeteners with various sources and applications are an important part of the global food and beverage industry . A wide range of process technologies are needed to ensure the quality and consistency of the final product in the production of sweeteners. The use of ultrafiltration technology both optimizes the production process and ensures the purity of the final product.
Nutrients such as organic acids and amino acids are derivatives of food products that have high nutritional value in the consumer market. These substances can also be extracted from whole foods such as green tea or fruits or through fermentation. Using ultrafiltration membranes with adsorbents and ion exchange resins in the recovery, separation and purification phases of food and beverage products; The quality of the final products increases optimally.