About Us

Creative approach to recycling wastewater

Abtin Parsian Pishro Apadana Company, in the form of a knowledge-based company, succeeded in producing mid-range fibers for the first time in the country. The importance of this achievement was in its application, especially in the manufacture of filtration equipment, for various purposes, and as a result of more than a decade of work, research, experience and reliance on specialized technical staff and mastery of modern knowledge and technology as “the only manufacturer of modules and Ultrafiltration (UF) intermediate fiber membranes were achieved under the “AquArya” brand in the country. The use of AquArya modules in water and wastewater treatment, recovery and recycling systems has been a small step towards achieving “clean water for a clean world”.

Initially, the company was established under the name of Toka Parsian, a leader in the commercialization of ultrafiltration (UF) fiber membrane technology with the brand “AquArya” following the achievements of Dr. Morteza Sadeghi, inventor and founder of the company. And the definition of a new mission based on proper management of water consumption and environmental protection was renamed as Abtin Parsian Pishro Apadana and by continuing its activities in the field of engineering, design, construction and execution services, it is proud to cooperate with various industries such as steel and petrochemical industries. , Tile industry, etc. and the implementation of successful projects throughout the country.More than tens of thousands of cubic meters of water production per day is the result of the process of treatment, recovery and recycling of wastewater by this company in large production facilities and factories.

Abtin Parsian Pishro Apadana Company, using specialized technical staff, knowledge-based technology and annual production capacity of at least one hundred thousand UF modules in various dimensions, with continuous communication with international companies, is always on the path of growth and efforts to expand capabilities and provide World class service. Given the challenges in providing water resources and focusing on the development of its customers and audiences, the company seeks maximum presence in domestic, regional and trans-regional markets so that it may be able to play a worthy role in preventing the upcoming environmental crises.

Our Services

  • Consulting, design, construction, installation, commissioning of treatment plants based on wastewater recovery and recycling processes in various industries
  • Provide advanced processes and technologies in wastewater treatment and recycling
  • Production of ultrafiltration modules in sizes of 4, 6, 8 and 10 inches and with different membranes with a one-year replacement warranty and a five-year performance guarantee
  • Design and manufacture of membrane systems such as ultrafiltration to clarify all types of surface and groundwater in a fully automatic or semi-automatic manner based on customer needs with a one-year warranty
  • Design, construction, installation, commissioning and operation of reverse osmosis (RO) water purifiers